Covid Pass System

How will the new digital Covid passport system work?

For 13 to 15-year-olds the pass will work the same for children as it does for adults.

Children must create an NHS account with which to log on to the NHS App, where they will find proof of vaccination status and proof of prior infection.

Children aged 12 are barred from using the app and must use their NHS account to log on to a web browser to access proof of vaccination status and proof of prior infection.

Does my child need to register to receive their Covid passport?

Yes. Children will need to register for an NHS account to access their digital NHS Covid Pass. They can do this themselves or a parent or guardian can register on their behalf.

While it usually takes about 24 hours to verify identity, it can sometimes take a few days, so parents are encouraged to register in advance.

Children aged 13 to 15 can then sign into the NHS App to access their Covid passport.

While children aged 12 must sign in to the NHS website via a web browser to retrieve their vaccination passes.

Covid Pass: How to get a digital travel vaccine passport for children, with 12-year-olds barred from NHS App