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Dr Chan Sivanesan Last Day November 26th 2021

Dear Patients,

I am sorry to announce that Dr Chan Sivanesan who joined the practice on 1st March 2020 is leaving the practice to work overseas in Australia from January 2022.  His last day at the surgery will be Friday November 26th 2021.  We are grateful for Dr Sivanesan’s medical care and kindness delivered at a time when General Practice has been forced to undergo change at an unprecedented speed. I know those of you who know Dr Sivanesan will be sad to see him go and will join us in wishing him good fortune and success in his new position.

We have interviewed a number of doctors but have not been able to find a replacement permanent doctor to date however we have been able to secure 2 regular locums Dr Achpilya and Dr Hornibrook. Dr Sivanesan’s patients will be ‘allocated’ in proportion to the 3 remaining partners. We will continue to look for a permanent doctor.

While clearly saddened at the loss of a partner we are delighted to announce that we have a new nurse starting on 1st November, Louise Kubli: Louise will be working Monday to Thursday with Nurse Gill who will be continuing to work Wednesday to Friday. Nursing hours have been significantly increased in light of the increasing workload being asked of General Practice.

Some of you may already have had contact with Mrs Priscilla Patel who is an experienced prescribing pharmacist who in addition to doing medication reviews is able to assess and prescribe for a number of conditions. Priscilla works in the practice Monday to Wednesday all day and helps with the running of the Diabetes clinic having completed training in this area.

On Fridays we also have Miss Sabahat Zahid who is a Physician’s Associate, she is able to assess and diagnose with a doctor’s supervision.

Both Sabahat and Priscilla are employed by the Primary Care Network (PCN) but based in our practice on a regular basis. Though the latter 2 roles are new in GP they have been in place in hospitals for some considerable time.

We are grateful to all of you navigating the change in General Practice with us. Though the old way of direct contact with a GP is the preferred way for many, there are also benefits to the new way.

Infection rates are still very high, patients coming to the practice are usually more vulnerable and our waiting rooms have not grown so we are unable to provide a safe environment for open access to face to face appointments.

We ask you to help us identify who needs to be seen. The best way of doing that is to complete as much information as possible by using the website based access. Please help us reduce telephone waiting time for those who may have literacy, language or access difficulty and cannot use the system. Priority for appointments is given on basis of clinical need only.

Wishing you all good health for the winter months, thank you for your support and understanding.

Dr Lidia Kostuch-Bush

Senior Partner